Darren Lutz Darren Lutz Co-Founder/Director/Writer

Combining a wealth of animation knowledge with over 22 years experience in creative leadership, Darren Lutz has filled the roles of animator, director, producer and writer. His world-wide clients are diverse and include Disney, Discovery Channel and the Cartoon Network. A recipient of dozens of awards for animation and directing and two consecutive Unity Awards for music video production: best music video of the year, Darren believes in crafting original, character-driven experiences and content. Teaming up with Tina Lutz, Darren co-founded Believe Animation to create strong family-centered animation productions that benefit from the animation and multi-media services of Balance Studios and the proprietary applications and development tools conceived by the creative teams at epicsoft, LLC.

Darren brings a clear vision and a distinctly original creative spark and leadership that positions Believe Animation at the vanguard of a new animation movement.

Darren Lutz Tina Lutz Co-Founder/Producer

A top-notch production guru, Tina J. Lutz co-founded Believe Animation with Darren Lutz to capitalize on their success with Balance Studios, and to launch a new vision of animation that promises to offer an alternative to the conventional thematic model. Leveraging her skills sharpened as a production coordinator on broadcast commercials, feature films, and music videos in Nashville and her on-going producer role at Balance Studios, Tina provides Believe Animation with a solid foundation for launching innovative programming. A fifteen-year veteran of the media and animation industry, Tina uses her extraordinary client-relationship skills to guide the producing, communication, and deliverables that ensure true collaborative business relationships built on trust.

Tina's sense of passion, integrity and wonder
from start to finish is a distinguishing hallmark
of Believe Animation.