3D-UEO Unidentifed Emerald Object

  • Animation Short
  • One Sheet Front
Who's Watching Conrad Farcus?


A Centuries old Celtic pop-up book filled with legend and lore, has been passed down though the O'Connor family for ages. Now a discarded relic, the ancient book lies abandoned and alone in the attic of the family's musty estate. But this book is unlike any other ancient pop-up treasure. This book is mythical, magical, mysterious, and alive. Go inside these living pages and you'll be magically transported into a 2-dimensional world of cardboard and paper creatures. On page one, you'll encounter the diabolical arachnids dwelling in the molten rock, black trees and tall mountains of SpyDar.

On the flip side of the paper mountains, just to the left of the Fungi Forest, lies the enchanting village of Glasuig on page two, inhabited by cardboardial Gnomes, Leprechauns, Fairies, Trolls, and the "all-knowing" Trees of Council.

The Clans of SpyDar and Glasuig are as polar as chocolate and steak, and After 100 years of constant chiding, shenanigans and trickery the ongoing tug of war is escalated when a magical four-leaf clover, the 3D-UEO "Unidentified Emerald Object", mysteriously grows smack dab in the middle of page two.

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