Who's Watching Conrad Farcus? DEMO Kids 7-9 Format 3D Animation 26 X 11 min *These character brands are currently available for licensing | Click Here

  • Animation Short
  • One Sheet Front
Who's Watching Conrad Farcus?


Everyday, 9 o-clock on the dot to be exact, Conrad and his cantankerous older sibling Norman, awake to a long list of chores hung up on a bark board by their mother. The list without fail, must be done before Mum gets home, but completing this list is a task easier said than done. Conrad, a consummate day dreamer, adventurer, and inveterate storyteller pitches whacky fables to persuade his friends into helping him with his "things to get done before ma gets home" list. His buds usually buy into it, and trouble's not far behind.

Getting youthful Conrad to focus on anything even remotely constructive is like getting Norman (aka DJ Phatt Daddy) to let someone else sing at his weekly Karaoke jam, it's just not in the cards. Phatty believes he's a pragmatist and can see through Conrad's fantasies, shenanigans, and tomfoolery. Yet, stranger than fiction, Phatty's convinced his mastery of all things Elvis makes him "The King" of all UberGoosen. Phatty must work hard on his prodigy level warbling skills, so watching over his enthusiastic little brother is sometimes just to much for this busy vulture.

So, Who IS watching Conrad Farcus? Is it really Phatty?, or is it Bayou Bob, a human nut-job, monster hunter and owner of Bayou Bob's Chicken Mascot Rental. Could it be CrawDaddy, Conrad's Spanglish speaking crustacean sidekick and bestest buddy. Or the worst of them all, Chides, Phatty’s un-trusty wise crackin' gator posse. With a smattering of Warner Brother style slapstick comedy and a huge helping of classic squash and stretch animation makes Who's Watching Conrad Farcus? an endearing post-modern animation feast for the new millennium, a comedic romp that will have children laughing for years to come.

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